Click to enlargeNEW! Kahiltna Gold Pure Organic Birch Syrup RESERVE - 8.5 oz.

We reserve the syrup made on our first day of harvest for your pleasure. 2016 saw a record early harvest - starting April 3, resulting in a true ice syrup ... quite rare; we still have a fair quantity of 2016. 2017 Reserve is very limited in supply. Both years are unusually light in color, with a buttery, honey-like taste. 2017 has more than a hint of maple. The first day's production is always the sweetest and lightest of the harvest - the first sap collected from the tree is the highest in sugar content (this year 1.1%), the air and ground temperatures are cold, and there is always snow on the ground to keep that sap perfectly cold and sweet. We have heard maple folks in New England and Canada say that birch syrup is "not for pancakes". We heartily disagree. OK, Vermonters; I dare you ... put THIS on your pancakes! Very limited; available only in the fancy, but sturdy - and very re-usable, clamp-lid bottle.WE NOW HAVE 2016 AND 2017 RESERVE IN STOCK!. Please note; this bottle will not fit into the small $7.50 flat rate box due to it's shape. A single bottle will ship by weight to your location ($13 to most US locations); 2 will fit into the medium flat rate box for $15 shipping, and 3 will fit in the large flat rate box for $20 shipping within the US.