Click to enlargeRaw Alaska Wildflower Honey 1 lb.

This wonderful Alaskan honey is collected near McGrath in interior Alaska and in the Susitna Valley in south central Alaska, in the river valley that flows off the Alaska Range. A true raw wildflower honey, blending the nectar from berry and wildflowers of the Alaskan early summer with the fireweed of late summer. It is fine flavored - light to medium amber and sweet, without being cloying. Please note, some "fireweed honey" is made by boiling fireweed blossoms and adding sugar to thicken. THIS ALASKAN HONEY IS TRUE RAW ALASKAN WILDFLOWER HONEY, produced by bees - the real thing. We also use this honey in combination with our pure birch syrup in our Wild Alaska Birched Honey. You honey lovers - give them both a try! Comes in a convenient squeeze top plastic container.